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This page aims to provide some quick reminders and shortcuts so that you can access all the facilities of the website and mailing list without having to navigate through the site.

What do I get again ?

Well not explicitly RAYNET membership… The HF team is an informal group of like-minded RAYNET members ( and some ex-members ) who wish to retain a capability for HF use in emergency communications. The term ‘members’ is used to indicate ‘subscribed to the RAYNET-HF electronic mailing list’. ‘Subscribed’ also causes some confusion as no money changes hands but that’s another story… If I thought I could ever get away with the term ‘constructive anarchy’ I would try !

The mailing list has been running in one form or another since 1998 and was joined by a website some years ago to provide a more permanent store for information gathered. Sadly the two systems run independently meaning two usernames and passwords are required :-(

Mailing List

The mailing list runs using software called ‘Dadamail’. The functions of this program are a little limited but you are able to unsubscribe yourself at any time using the link attached to every email relayed to you through the system. Via your profile page you are also able to change your registered email address.

All mail sent to the list is archived for posterity. In order to keep your e-mail addresses safe from harvesting by SPAMmers the archives will only accessible to members.

There are archives pre-dating this transfer which will be made available again as flat text files in an appropriately protected area of the site.


The website uses software called ‘WordPress’ to provide a ‘Content Management System’. Other than making the webmaster’s life easier it will  also allow members to upload their own material if required. Since the website is currently limited to a 16MB per file upload site we will need to keep any uploads ‘reasonable’ – I may also add ‘legal, decent and truthful’ or the editorial stick may have to come out :-)

The bad news though is that the website uses a different username and password than the mailing list :-(

Website Features

To get the full benefit from the website features you must be logged in using your own username and password.

The schedule for the routine nets is already published on the website on the Scheduled Nets page.
Members will soon be able to add their own events to the calendar so if your Group is having a bit of a ‘HF event’ then please let us know about it via the mailing list and tell the world via the calendar.


The shoutbox appears on the right hand side of the page and can be used to make announcements to other members. To avoid abuse the shoutbox can only be written to by members.

This is here as an experiment following the IARU ‘Party on the Air’ in 2006 to provide a very cut down ‘DX Cluster’ like function so that we could co-ordinate stations in something closer to real time when e-mail may be subject to a number of delays. Just keep your messages sort, sweet and clean ! There is the function to ban the use of certain words but I don’t want to have to populate such a list yet…

Any Problems

Send a mail to . The mailbox is checked a couple of times a day but remember that this is all a voluntary effort :-)

If you want access to any other features then post them to the mailing list. If there is enough demand and sufficient webspace available I will give it a try !

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