Norway Emergency Communicators on Standby

The NRRL Nødsambandstjenesten is on standby according to the NRRL website at because of storms over  27 December.

A communications network is established on 3720 MHz (minus QRM) every three hours between 0900-2400 Norwegian Time . (0900 on the network in 3715 as previously announced).

No formal request to assist has yet been received from the authorities but a standby net is a good precaution.

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  1. gregm says:

    Latest information received at 1642UTC 27th December 2011

    “I can confirm our emergency net to last until 2400 local time (nt) tonignt. It will be nets for Southern Norway at 1800, 2100 and 2400. net leader will be LE1AA – QTH: Osloregion. Frequency is 3,720MHz “

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