Philippines Earthquake response

the following text has been received from Jim Linton, IARU Region 3 about the amateur response to earthquakes in the Philippines.

Greg, G0DUB

Earthquake hits, Radio Amateurs act.

Effects continue across the central Philippines after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck triggering landslides with dozens of people killed and many trapped in toppled homes.

Chief Operating Officer for IARU society PARA, Eddie Valdez DU1EV said ham radio operators are now active in communications assistance.

Eddie DU1EV said those near the epicentre of the earthquake in the DU7 and DU6 call areas are active. They have chosen to use the VHF band for communications.

Their services included message handling with phone communications cut, widespread power outages, bridges and other infrastructure damaged.

The earthquake in a narrow strait between the heavily populated island provinces of Negros and Cebu hit around lunchtime on Monday.

There had been more than 200 aftershocks, some nearly as strong, causing further panic.

This came after typhoon storms swept the Southern Philippines on December 16 to 18 with a heavy loss of lives and radio amateurs helping out.

Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman, IARU Region 3, Disaster Communication Committee.

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