Caribbean and Mexico Disasters Update

Two updates have been received about the use of Amateur radio in response to Hurricane Maria and the Earthquake which hit Mexico.

XE2O of FMRE in Mexico reports that they are maintaining an Emergency Network on 7060 kHz with the support of many Mexican radio amateurs. They have also deployed two mobile emergency communication units. One of them to the south of Mexico City and the other goes to the communities near the city where communication problems have been reported.

They have permanent contact on HF between the Command and Control centre in Mexico co-ordinatiing the emergency response and the Emergency Network of the FMRE.

9Y4J reports that Health and welfare traffic in and out of Dominica continues to be passed via amateur radio, on frequencies 7188 kHz, and 3815 kHz.

However, the airports remain closed, and an assessment of the seaports is underway. This will determine how soon relief goods, and substantial human resources can access the island.

As always, please listen carefully in the area of the frequencies given above and try to avoid QRM.

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