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The RAYNET  HF team developed following an initiative by the Northwest RAYNET Association (NWRA) in which a North West RAYNET HF team was set up.

The team has been operating successfully since 1998 but following increasing interest from other parts of the UK, the NW  RAYNET HF Team decided during the NWRA Spring 2001 Regional Meeting to expand the Team into a nationwide RAYNET HF Team (regardless of any affiliations, as is the North West RAYNET Association).

Ideally, we would like to obtain an equal distribution of RAYNET HF Team participants throughout the country – note, we include Northern Ireland and Offshore Islands as well as the Mainland. We are also developing contacts with our colleagues in other countries via this website. It’s amazing how many good ideas are around which could be shared.

Please do not think that the RAYNET HF Team structure applies only to ‘Full’ Class operators – it most certainly does not! ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Foundation’ class Radio Amateurs , even listeners all have an equally important part to play – as has been evidenced by events in the past, where often more listeners than transmitters were required during an incident.

Whatever your licence class or if you are a SWL we would love to hear from you !  All signal reports are useful as we try and optimise our stations for the dual challenges of local ( NVIS ) working or international communications.

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