Mobile HF installation

This is the HF/VHF mobile installation of Alec, G8WHR which he has been using on recent HF nets.

Annotated view of Alec's Car with all aerials deployed.


The rear magmount for a vertical mobile whip is particularly interesting;

Rear magmount for HF mobile whip


Moving inside the car, the rigs are placed on a passenger seat which usefully folds flat. Everything is securely bolted to the ABS table on the seat back to stop them moving around.

VHF/UHF and HF rigs on passenger seat of car


… and just enough room for the documentation events always need…

Radios and clipboard


Even though with all antennas deployed, this may not be too much of a ‘mobile’ installation, having the controls to hand is always important.

PTT and HF switch on gearstick


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