The mailing list

To assist with internal communication and feedback, Team member Greg, G0DUB, has set up a RAYNET UK HF Team Internet Mail Reflector as a ‘posting board’ for individual member’s reports and comments. Please use it !!

To subscribe to the list then please click here to go to the list server subscription screen. The list operates a ‘closed loop’ system where you receive a message to verify that the email address is correct, then a list administrator will ‘approve’ the subscription. These steps are necessary to ensure that the chances of email harvesting are reduced as far as possible. You will receive a message back in due course to inform you that you have been added to the distribution list.

Once you have subscribed then any messages sent to :-

will be distributed to the mailing list for the enjoyment of all.

Naturally, being an Amateur Radio Emergency Communications organisation, a HF Radio Net is also in use, details of which may be found on the Nets page of the website and adhoc VHF/UHF nets are also used as required. These nets may be expanded or added to as the Team develops.

News of the team will also be circulated from time-to-time via the general Amateur Radio Media and relevant Amateur Radio/Emergency Communications organisations’ magazines.

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