Operating Frequencies

The team makes use of the following frequencies as centres of activity during nets.
The IARU have also designated certain frequencies as centres of activity for Emergency communications both globally and within Region 1 ( Europe and Africa ).

Band UK Usage IARU Region 1
160m 1.905 N/A
80m 3.663 3.760
60m 5.2785 N/A
40m 7.110 7.110
20m N/A 14.300
17m N/A 18.160
15m N/A 21.360

All frequencies are shown in MHz
Bold type indicates the preferred frequency for routine nets.
In an emergency traffic should spread out from the centre of activity frequency in multiples of 5KHz

Remember that we do not have sole rights to the use of these frequencies.
Always check that the frequency is clear before transmitting.

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