China’s earthquake – update #2

The earthquake has killed 179 people and injured 6986.  Hundreds of amateur
radio operators went to Ya’an helping disaster relief.

The disaster happened as the Global Simulated Emergency Test was underway
headed in China by station BY3CQ and others – BG8EIU, BG8FCK, BG8DE, BG8FPB,
BY8DX, BH8AHU, BA8IK and BG8EBB – who are now either helping on HF, VHF or
in the disaster area.

Fan Bin BA1RB contacted this morning Liu Hu BD8AAA who is in the epicentre
at Lushan county.

The following updates are available:
1. Public communication is normal in Ya’an and Lushan, the UHF and VHF repeaters
work fine to provide effective communication. While in some remote rural
areas, the communication is still needed to be established. Amateur Radio
teams are actively helping build up the communications.

2. The government has more experiences to organise the disaster relief, amateur
radio operators were organised and provided help based on government needs.

3. Because suddenly there are too many vehicles coming into Ya’an city and
Lushan county, the transportation traffic condition is sevethe re. There are
8 amateur radio teams, more than 200 amateur radio operators helping local
transportation department to relieve traffic congestion.

The request to keep the HF frequencies of 3855kHz, 7050kHz and 14270kHz clear
for disaster traffic remains.

The Sichuan amateur radio association took immediate action with BA8DX (not
BD8DX as earlier report) and BD8AAA leading a team heading to the disaster

73 de BA1RB / Fanbin 

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